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Tom and Jerry Tales: The Complete First Season

I remember watching Tom and Jerry when I was a kid now my 7 year old son loves to watch Tom and Jerry. We received a copy of Tom and Jerry Tale:The Complete First Season and he has been watching it non stop.

Who doesn’t love a good cat and mouse fight? LOL. I love the fact that Jerry always out smarts Tom no matter what the situation. What I find hard to believe is that after 30 years Tom still hasn’t figured out how to beat Jerry. Maybe I am reading too much into this but I would have though that Tom would have succeeded in catching Jerry by now.

I know when my son is watching Tom and Jerry Tales because all I hear from his bedroom is non-stop laughing. I must admit Tom and Jerry is a good laugh. If you are having a bad day watching Tom and Jerry will make you feel better because Tom always has bad days. My son loves when me and him sit down to watch Tom and Jerry. It brings back memories of my childhood and I am really happy to be sharing this experience with my son. Maybe when my son is a dad and has kids we can all sit down together and watch Tom and Jerry together. Tom and Jerry is an American Classic.

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