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I Am Very Lucky!!!

I wanted to write a quick post to tell everyone how lucky I am to have Melinda.

So we are in the midst of a move from MD to DE and I am excited to move back to DE but not excited to pack. For about 2 weeks now we have been trying to pack a few boxes everyday so that at the end of June we won’t be scrambling to get everything done. On Tuesday we had a container delivered from 1800RATPACK so we could start storing our belongings because before we move we need to paint our entire house (this is going to suck).

Needless to say I am tired and stressed. I am driving everyday from MD to DE and DE back to MD for work so that I can continue to pack during the week. All of the driving and packing is making me a grouchy PITA and the person who bares the brunt of my bad moods is Melinda which isn’t fair to her. I get annoyed with packing and tired and sweaty from carrying boxes from the house to the container outside and when Melinda asks a question I snap for no reason. I don’t ask for help I demand it which is wrong on so many levels. Melinda is my equal and I have been treating her like total crap for no reason what so ever.

I want to tell Melinda I am so sorry for being an a$$ and I will not be suck a jerk. Thank you for all of your help because I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. I need you and I Love You so much. I am soooo sorry! Please forgive me!