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VTech MobiGo with Touchscreen Technology Recap

My kids are hooked on their electronics. I really try to keep the bulk of their plugged in time educational but still fun. The new VTech MobiGo combines those 2 things with the latest touch screen technology. Shae can now sit next to her big brother and sister and play like they do.

The MobiGo comes with a cartridge filled with basic (non-character) learning games. Shae’s favorite so far is Ice Escape. If you are familiar with Parking Lot, it’s very similar to that. The object of the game is to move the ice blocks and snowballs to get the penguin to his meal. I was surprised at how well she picked up this puzzle/strategy game. Here is a rundown of the great features:

  • Touch-screen: MobiGo’s touch-screen technology adds a modern twist to electronic learning games, so kids learn while mimicking the way parents use touch-screen devices.
  • Educational games: From fishing, coloring book pages, drawing and playing instruments, kids can discover a wide variety of fun and engaging learning games.
  • Learning skills: MobiGo teaches a wide range of skills including math, vocabulary, spelling, logic and categorization. The slide open QWERTY keyboard introduces older kids to text typing skills.
  • Downloadable Content: Additional games and content will be available for download so kids can customize
  • their MobiGo with the latest innovative games and continue the learning and fun for years to come.
  • Portable: Handheld robust gaming console makes learning fun on the go for little hands and is equipped with headphone and AC adapter jacks.

Our initial experience wasn’t so hot, we had a problem with the audio but VTech jumped in and remedied the situation immediately. Shae was even happier with her replacement and the special extra game that was sent; Toy Story 3. I can’t wait to pick up the Dora game for her. I’m really hoping for a carrying case also, she’s good for leaving her stuff all over the place.

The VTech MobiGo has become Shae’s #1 electronic game system; in fact we gifted her previous sytem within 2 days knowing she was never going to touch it again. The MobiGo is scheduled to be released June 7th at Toys R Us, MSRP $59.99 with games starting $19.99

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