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Setting Some Limits – FINALLY!

Melinda, the kids and I are going on a trip in 30 days and Melinda and I realized we need/would love to lose some weight before then.

I feel during the day we eat pretty well. In a typical day I eat oatmeal for breakfast along with some kind of fruit, a reasonable lunch and dinner typically consists of chicken or ground turkey. Melinda eats well during the day also but sometimes skips breakfast or lunch due to making sure the kids are fed first. Since the kids come first by the time she is finished with them she moves to her next task often without eating.

After discussing how we could lose a few pounds it was obvious – CUT OUT SNACKING. Melinda and I are good for snacking at night while watching TV and then going to bed. Don’t get me wrong we don’t eat 50 cookies or anything like that but we have chips or maybe a bowl of ice cream. We realized that eating before bed isn’t a bad thing but we need to make smarter choices.

On Tuesday night we decided starting Wednesday that we would not eat anything bad like cookies, ice cream etc. We told each other if one of us makes a move for an unhealthy snack to tell them NO! What makes this funny is on Tuesday we went to Philly for our anniversary and went to dinner and afterwards went to an awesome bakery and got 5 cannolis and a piece of Italian Cream cake (Was so YUMMY). Tuesday night I ate the cream cake and a cannoli (so bad that I ate all of this), Melinda had a cannoli and so did Shaun and Shae. On Wednesday night we had 1 cannoli left and I wanted it so bad but Melinda told me NO due to our agreement. The kids didn’t want it either as they chose a popsicle so Melinda threw the cannoli away. I made a move to get the cannoli from the trash but Melinda was holding me back so after I gave up and walked away she poured dish soap on the cannoli. I am not sure I would have eaten it from the trash anyway (maybe I would have) but it is funny that she put dish soap on it so there was no way I would eat it. I just didn’t want to waste such a delicious cannoli. LOL.

I love snacks and snacking and this is going to be a tough few days until I get over the hump and then it will become common place. Last night Melinda ate watermelon for snack and I had a glass of chocolate milk so hopefully we are on our way to healthier snacking and losing a few pounds before our trip.

Next step exercise more!