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a beach day on Isla Roatan, Honduras

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Yesterday by far was the best day we’ve had on the Dream so far.. Our port was Isla Roatan, Honduras. We made our way easily to Mahogany Beach, a quick 10 minute walk. The water was beautiful blue, the sands were silky white and the beach chairs were plentiful!

We rented a clamshell hut but ended up not really using ut as we spend hours in the water. We took a break to have a snack and some drinks at Fat Tuesday but immediately headed back into the water. The kids loved the calm waters and exploring in the sand for shells and rocks. We noticed people pulling Conch shells out of the deeper end but had no luck in getting one ourselves. This beach is my absolute favorite; if it ever expands to a resort area I’m coming back.

We also got a little VIP treatment on the boat. We were give a private tour of the bridge and got to meet some of the captains crew. This was so incredible to see, the size of the bridge alone took our breath away. I was expecting something much smaller but this was set up to comfort all the way.

We learned a lot of interesting facts about the ship and the function of it. To even become a captain takes about 7 years of education and training.

I can’t believe we only have 2 more nights left. Looks like we might be booking a cruise next year for our 10 year anniversary!

Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.

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