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Happy Birthday To My Little Girl!

Today is Friday the 13th (creepy) and it is also Shae’s 3rd birthday. I remember living in MD and driving Melinda to the hospital only to be told she wasn’t ready so we went home and waited. We went to the beach a few days later and Melinda walked determined to have Shae and she did two days after the walk and one week after our initial doctors’ visit.

I remember how small she was and how cute (she still is cute but not small, LOL). I remember holding Shae for the very first time and realizing how precious and fragile she was and how I need to protect her. I remember how excited Shaun and Sabreena were to meet their new baby sister and to hold her and love her. Three years have passed already. We have gone through crawling, walking, eating solid foods, potty training and learning to talk. WOW, time flies when you are having fun. She has changed so much in three years, I remember when all she wanted to watch was Elmo now it’s Scooby Doo (my favorite cartoon). She is a little clown and provides us all with non stop entertainment. Shae is my world as well and Shaun, Sabreena and Melinda.