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Our Fun Day at Sea

Hi Everyone,
Greetings from the sunny and blue Atlantic & Caribbean Ocean.  We are on day 2 of our family cruise vacation on Carnval Cruise Lines-Dream. 
We boarded yesterday and while last night was a bit quiet for us (we ended up falling asleep early) today we jumped into the festivities at Waterworks with Shae.  Shaun and Sabreena spent the morning at Camp making new friends.
Shae is a part fish we think and spent 2 hours going down the kid slides and playing in the water. 

Tomorrow is our day onshore in Cozumel.  Can’t wait to swim those crystal clear waters.
Thank you to Carnival for providing the complimentary 7-day cruise as part of their Mom-bassador Program. All opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! and were not influenced in anyway by anyone.