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We Partied Hard – Toddler Style

Shae’s birthday was this past Friday the 13th but today was the day we ate and partied hardy. We had friends, family and even Greg and his family from Telling Dad and Cara and her beautiful daughter from Land of Bean come by also. 
The weather said 30% chance of rain which isn’t a lot but of course it rained from 1pm (time the party started) until who knows when but it all turned out awesome anyway. I had to put an umbrella over my grill so I could cook the burgers, dogs and chicken which turned out awesome. We had a TON of food and we had a cake and ice cream for dessert. She got some really nice gifts but the one that she really clung to today was her pillow pet (thank you Stacy, she loves it).
Rain or no rain we had a great day with family and friends and I think Shae had a great day and a great 3rd birthday party.