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Bissell Steam Mop for Green Cleaning

Having a clean home is something I take pride in. I mean yes there is clutter sometimes; magazines, toys, coats, shoes, all those normal things you get with 5 people living in one house. I’m talking clean as in no spills, dirt, grime, mold, dust and grunge in our living space. Years ago we made some switches to “green” cleaning for a healthier clean. One of our most recent additions is the Bissel Steam Mop.

Is it possible to love an appliance, I mean really love it! I do! This thing is awesome. It gets used every day on our kitchen tile and weekly on our bathroom tile and a couple times a week in the living room hardwood. My father has one too and now so does my sister’ it’s a family affair.

The Bissel Steam Mop is the simplest floor cleaner ever. Simply fill the reservoir with water, plug in and wait just a minute or two. I’m not lying; I really mean a minute or two. As soon as the red light comes on it’s ready to go with pure, clean, chemical-free steam. Anything sticky wipes up with ease and bacteria laden bathrooms are sparkling. It’s also really lightweight so carrying it from floor to floor is a cinch. The best “green” cleaning tool on the market!

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