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Free e-Books for the VTech V.Reader

In the recent months we had the pleasure of reviewing both the VTech MobiGo and the VTech V.Reader. These gadgets have been extremely popular in our house. Shae adores her MobiGo and she and Shaun fight over the V.Reader on a pretty regular basis. Hopefully our giveaway winners are enjoying their prizes as much as we are.

Recently VTech announced the availability of six FREE, downloadable e-Books, worth $30 for the V.Reader through VTech’s Learning Lodge download library.

VTech’s Learning Lodge is a free online tool that offers downloadable books, games, customized themes and avatars. Additionally, Learning Lodge allows parents to track their children’s achievement through a customized Progress Log which provides parents with an overview of how their child is progressing through key learning curriculum, all of which are age-appropriate. Online registration is easy and can be accessed by visiting:

I hopped on the other day and not only registered both units but downloaded new games for Shae and Shaun to enjoy. Be sure to have a SDCard handy as this is required to install anything onto the V.Reader. Don’t hesitate, get online and get your FREE E-Books today and further your kids entertainment and learning.

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