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Got Cereal? Get Some with Me & Goji

There is a club for everything; beer, chips, fruit. But there isn’t another food club out there that looks out for your well being like Me & Goji does.

Me & Goji, the creators of some really tasty and unique artisanal  and custom cereal has started a cereal club. Artisanal cereal is a blend of quality, hand selected natural ingredients from around the world to create not only a delicious product but one that satisfies your nutritional needs. Me & Goji has produced 3 collections of this premier cereal; The Superfood Indulgence, The Active Edge and The Gluten Free Escape.
Each collection is made to benefit a certain lifestyle or in the case of The Gluten Free Escape a dietary restriction. Ingredients are blended to create not just good food to eat but food that works as fuel for the body. Join today for 3, 6 or 12 months for as low as $25/per month.

For a Limited Time Me and Goji is offering a special incentive for those signing up for 6 or 12-month cereal club subscriptions; receive any 1 of me & Goji’s “our recipes” for free.

Unlike traditional boxes of cereal Me and Goji is made with wholesome ingredients meant to be filling, satisfying and balanced. This actually makes a standard serving size of ¾ cup plenty for breakfast or afternoon snack.

We’ve enjoyed Me & Goji for many months now, Shae calls it her crunchy cereal and Rob uses it as a healthy snack packed with protein, fiber and essential carbs for his cycling days.

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