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Fire Department Lets A Man’s House Burn To The Ground Over $75

Holy Crap.  Did you see this article today where a town let a mans house burn down because he didn’t pay a $75 municipal fee?  He said he made a simple mistake and wasn’t trying to take advantage of the system.

The town says you are NOT allowed to pay on the spot because if they do it for one person no one would pay until there house was on fire.  They say not paying the $75 fee hurts the fire department.  Really? What about the person’s house they just let burn down over a sticking $75.  The man lost everything including 3 dogs and a cat.  That is freaking ridiculous that this town and even the mayor would allow this non sense to go one.  What if someone died in the fire? Then what? Would anyone be brought up on murder charges for just letting that person burn in the house over $75. 

I am sorry but this is sickening that this even happened to this person!!!!!

What are your thoughts on this?????