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Get Your Family to Move

This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.

Gaming is important in my household but not in that obsessed trance-like state some parents  have to deal with.  My kids get plenty of play time outdoors or with their imagination but they do love video games.  

Somehow over the years they have mastered playing motion games without getting off the couch.  Driving is done with feet  on the coffee table and bowling is done from a sitting position.  We got this particular system to keep them active even during the couch potato moments.

PlayStation # Move

I guess Sony heard my groans of annoyance because here I introduce you to PlayStation(R)MOVE, the newest game option for PlayStation 3.   The PlayStation® Move is different from other systems as it monitors the players movements and translates them into the game action offering a truly interactive and unique experience.

Click HereSunday is game day and while we normally play board games video games offer an exciting change of pace.  The kids compete but also learn to play together with games like Sports Champions and even strategize against mom and dad.  I find that when we utilize electronic gaming instead of traditional styles we play together longer, often for hours.  These days tend to be happier as we move from gaming to mealtime and outside play with greater ease maybe because we’re already having a great time together. 


The PlayStation® Move bundle isn’t a game system by itself, it’s an addition to the PlayStation 3. For just $99 get the entire bundle package that includes:

  • PlayStation Move Motion Controller
  • PlayStation Eye Camera
  • PlayStation Move Sports Champion game

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