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Smooth Shaving with Fogless Mirror

No more nicks or missed spots because of a foggy or soapy mirror. With the Fogless Shower Mirror Rob can now get a perfect shave using both hands in a crystal clear mirror.

It really is that easy; fill with hot/warm water, wipe away drops and use.

One of the tricks I have always used to keep shower mirrors fog-free was to rub it slightly with soap. It kinda works but then the suds distort the image. All of our shower mirrors also tend to become handhelds because the suction cups or adhesive fail. The Toilet Treet Fogless Mirror has surprisingly worked really well for the past couple weeks. it’s worked so well I’ve started using it to tweeze, apply facial masks and use facial scrubs.  It hasn’t even fallen once! I recommend picking one of these up for as a great holiday gift.

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