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A Little Surprised But Not Really!!!!!

Yesterday I went to Shaun’s first parent teacher conference of the second grade.

I was surprised to find out that overall Shaun is doing great in school.  I only say that because I hear and see the battles Shaun has with Melinda almost on a nightly basis when it comes to homework.  I didn’t think he was like that at school but I wasn’t 100% sure but come to find out he only saves those precious moments for Melinda. Lucky her!

Shaun’s teacher said he is such a great little helper anytime she needs assistance and a few other teachers said that as well.  They told his teacher they could send Shaun B down anytime. Really? Why can’t he be that great little helper at home when it comes to empting the bathroom trash cans or clearing the table after dinner?  I guess after all his helping at school he has nothing left for home, LOL.

A few points he does need to work on is his penmanship and he chats a bit much (must get that from Melinda, LOL, ok maybe he gets that from me).  So needless to say I am really pleased with Shaun and his performance at school.