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Do You Understand Video Game Rating?

We have a Wii, Xbox and DS and we are always having discussions on game ratings and what we feel is appropriate for Shaun to play.  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to speak with Entertainment Software Rating Board President Patricia Vance and GameStop video game expert Mike Dzura.  We spoke about game rating and where you could go if you needed more information.  We also touched on GameStop and how they have 2,500 games under $20 for this holiday season.  So if you have a little gamer on your holiday list this season check out my video interview.

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  1. Stephanie @ The Blue Zoo says

    We did a little Christmas shopping at Gamestop already!

    Those ratings can be hard to understand sometimes.

  2. Great interview! I had no idea about the parental controls either. We are big on ratings as well, and my son is always wanting to play the shooter games….they are way to mature for an 8 year old though. I love the games under $20! Useful interview thank you!

  3. It can be really confusing, that’s for sure. Fortunately, by the time my kids really got into them, we didn’t have to worry about the content.

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