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It’s that kind of day

Poor Rob woke up not feeling in the mood to go to work. I’ve been feeling a bit crappy and Shae has that nasty barking cough that says welcome winter.  He thought he would be nice and stay home and take care of us (and my niece Madi who comes everyday).  He started off checking out Shae’s humidifier (love this thing)to see if it needed a new  filter.  Upon putting it back in the closet the shelf came crashing down spilling the entire contents onto the floor.

shae's closet disaster

Last night our cable box was acting up and this morning he has to spend time calling Verizon to get it replaced. His less than 2 year olf Compaq laptop isn’t charging properly so he has to take that to get looked at.  One of my mother’s rings is missing a stone so he’s taking that to the jewelry store to get replaced. All of these things on top of the filter that was his original errand and now a stop at Trader Joes.

I was nice and made him a nice breakfast before sending him on his way 🙂 I know he wishes he had just gone to work.