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Need to Get My Priorities In Order

Yesterday was a day where everyone stayed in and did nothing.  When I say nothing I mean no running around doing errands or things like that. 

Shae and I played this:

And after dinner Shaun and I built this:

In case you couldn’t tell from the top picture Shae and I played Candyland. I told her I would play Hi Ho Cherrio but that didn’t work, LOL. Shaun also hounded me all morning to make the Solar Rover that he got yesterday and FINALLY we did.

Today made me realize I do not spend enough time with the kids just playing and having fun with them.  Between work, the blog, Cub Scouts and life the kids playtime with me seems to come last.  In reality they should be a priority and not last on the list.  Today was an eye opener for me and made me realize where my priorities need to be.