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Support the Mom and Pops….

shops that is. Did you know when you shop at a locally owned or run store the profits directly benefit the surrounding neighborhood? If you buy from the store around the corner that purchase is helping to keep the doors open, which keeps neighbors employed and boosting your local economy. While I have nothing against the big box stores like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us there is a special home-like feeling stepping into a toystore called Yo Yo Joes. Don’t forget about museum gift shops where you’re most likely to get real hands on experience of the toy, game or souvenir you want to buy.

Yesterday was Neighborhood Toy Store Day; a push to get people around the country to shop locally and support their “mom and pop shops”. We were invited to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. It’s been many years since we visited the Please Touch Museum in fact we had never been to their new location. It was stunning, the way a real museum should be. The experience was awesome, along with Sabeena, Shaun and Shae my sister and 1 year old niece came along and it was a grand time for all. There is was something for everyone especially the baby.

shae and madi playing

blowing feathers

carousel ride

Visiting you local shops, restaurants, museums and farmer’s markets is a good thing not just for you but for those businesses who want to continue to do business in your neighborhood.