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The Saltine Challenge

I decided to try this after my failed attempt at eating a teaspoon full of cinnamon.  I guess I thought eating 6 dry crackers was more doable, LOL.  After my cinnamon stunt I was thinking about maybe doing a stunt a week if I can continue to come up with ideas that are clever but won’t leave me wounded.  After hearing about the Saltine challenge Greg over at Telling Dad decided he was in as well because he said he was a Saltine wood chipper. LOL.  I guess we we will see if he was successful.  

Miss Blondie thought eating 6 Saltine’s in 60 seconds couldn’t be done so she decided to make a bet with me.  If she won I needed to do a video telling everyone how she was right and I sucked but since I completed the challenge sucessfully I will be waiting for her video telling me how great I am.  Man being a winner feels so good especially after my cinnamon fiasco. 

If you have any ideas for the next stunt please let me know as I am running out of ideas fast.


  1. Nice. But can you do all six at once? Now THAT would be a challenge. LOL.

    • I seriously doubt it. It was hard getting the two down that I started with. After the third and fourth one my mouth and throat were so dry. LOL. It was fun though.

      • The only other food challenge I know of is the Gallon Challenge (drink an entire gallon of milk–2% or greater–in under an hour, and then refrain from vomiting for an additional hour). Reportedly impossible. And no, no I am not challenging you. Just offering suggestions. LOL.

  2. Oh yeah, it’s on! I’ll do it tomorrow morning when saliva is at its heaviest.

  3. Why does every challenge have to be painful? How about a steak and lobster tail in under 45 minutes? A nap in less than 2 hours? Watch a football game without getting off the couch even ONCE?

  4. Momma Cupcake says

    How about drinking a bottle of tabasco sauce? NOW that is a challenge…..

  5. Congrats on finishing.

  6. Congrats on winning! Hehehe. Can’t wait to see if Greg does it.

  7. NOOOOOOOO!!! LOL, how did you do it!! You were supposed to lose. Dammit.

    • LOL. I did it. When can I expect your video up telling me I am the greatest?

      • I may have to do it while I’m at Brandcation this week. BLECH!! However, you did a couple practice runs first soooo I’m not calling you a cheater or anything but…..

        I’ll big a big girl and accept defeat semi-graciously. lol

        • LOL. I must not have read the rules that said no practice tries. BTW I only did 2 so not sure that gave me a huge advantage. Plus I almost didn’t finish in the 60 second time frame. So you have been defeated. 🙂

  8. LOL way to go! I’d be downing water after. I looked up some challenges, the only other one I could find is the milk challenge(1 gal of milk in an hour).

  9. Ok another is a slice of white bread, no practice, no drinks in 45 seconds lol

  10. Oh no! Blondie needs to double-or-nothing you!!!!

  11. I never knew it was challenging to eat Saltines! Shows you what I know – then again, I rarely if ever eat them!

  12. 3 Twinkies in a minute

    Arby’s Challenge- buy the 5 for 5 deal and eat under 6 min

    Wendy’s Challenge- Eat entire 99 cent menu in 20 min

  13. Great job!

  14. I hate Saltines so KUDOS to you! 🙂

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