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Why Is Good Customer Service So Hard To Find?

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We have Verizon as our TV, internet and cell phone provider and sometimes I wonder why. Last Thursday night our HD DVR went bad as the hard drive quit so I called Verizon to get them to send me a new one. The Verizon rep told me they would send me a new HD DVR and he promised me I would receive it on Saturday. The rep also told me I needed to sign for the box so I stayed home on Saturday while Melinda and the kids went to an event in Philadelphia that I had originally planned on attending.

The new HD DVR box showed up on Monday and when I went to hook up the box I noticed it was different then my box that just died. First thing I noticed was my old box had a coax input and output but the new box I received had only a coax input. Let me just clarify when I say new box that means it was new to me because the box was an older model of the one that died on me. Why the hell would Verizon send me a box that was older then the one I originally had? That is a mystery to me but what really pisses me off is the fact that the “new” box I received didn’t work either. It turned on but it froze and when I unplugged it to reset it, it deleted any programs that I had setup to record. Here again I needed to call Verizon which took about 15 minutes before I even got a hold of technical support person and then another hour to finally get him to admit the box was bad and in fact I needed another box. This guy wanted me to move the box all around the house to make sure it was the box and not the outlet. I knew it was the box and after threatening to cancel my service which I was totally 100% ready to do he ordered me a new box.

So if you are keeping count this is now the second box I have in my possession that doesn’t work. Today I received another box which was the same model as my original box which I thought was a step in the right direction but dam was I wrong. After hooking this box up it took a while for the box to activate so again I needed to call Verizon to get it activated correctly which they didn’t do because the HD DVR we have is a multi room DVR so I can watch my shows in any room but when I went to check the TV in my room it wasn’t working. Are you freaking kidding me? How much more of this crap do I need to put up with. I was on the phone for two hours and finally they realized the box I received today was activated but it wasn’t setup as a multi room DVR which caused my other three boxes not to work properly. Finally they fixed the problem and everything is working like it should be for now. The thing that sucks is now I have two broken HD DVR boxes that I need to return so I need to make a trip to UPS and have them returned. Thank goodness they paid for the return shipping or else all hell would be breaking loose.

So it only took a week and three DVR boxes to get this fixed and right now Verizon is on my shit list!!!! You would think an organization of there size would have customer service down to a science but from my experiences over the last week they don’t which to me is crazy.


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  1. I would have blown a gasket, and gotten my husband on their case. He’s the bulldog in the family. That is just totally ridiculous! We used to have Verizon for the tv and phone but we ditched them. Though now our cells are Verizon… hopefully we have any problems we don’t get the run around like you did!

    • Verizon Wireless seems to be ok but the FIOS sucks big time!!!

      • Well thats good haha. yeah Fios sucked ass. I forgot why we switched, maybe it’s cause we got a better deal with Time Warner…. and they kinda suck too.

  2. I would never switch from Cablevision. When it comes to cable/phone/internet Verizon just plain out blows.
    However they’re excellent for wireless/cellphones.
    Other than that, buyer beware!

    • I agree. We have Verizon Wireless are they aren’t too bad but the FIOS that is a whole other ball game. Not that Comcast would be any better so I am kind of stuck. LOL.

  3. i had a similar problem with our internet provider a few weeks ago..i think it took me 5 hours on the phone with their reps before i finally got to a superviser who solved the problem in (no lie) 5 minutes. Don’t worry i don’t value my time.

    • That sucks and I agree. I told the rep what I thought the problem was 40 minutes before they solved it. Wish they would have looked into when I mentioned it!! i guess they thought they knew it all and I didn’t know crap!

  4. You know, the prices they charge for all the products they sell and their services should at least guarantee us excellent services! The thought of having internet, tv and phone through one company would make me very nervous! So glad Verizon finally got their act together and got your DVR issue fixed!

  5. You sure you don’t really have Comcast service? That sounds like what we’ve been through with Comcast. And when I call with a clear equipment failure, I demand a new, not refurbished, box, remote, modem, whatever it is that broke (for the too many -th time).

  6. The size is the exact reason they have crappy service. They don’t care and they don’t have enough competition to care. Our local cable company is no better though. If I have a problem I just take my box to the office and tell them to give me a new one rather than calling someone. I know more than the people on the phone anyway.

  7. Momma Cupcake says

    I UTTERLY HATE VERIZON! Good for y’all! Verizon is made of primordial slime!

  8. I too have had nothing but bad luck with Verizon forcing me to cancel my service with them earlier this year after being a customer for over 7 years. First off at the beginning of this year, I had bundled my DSL and phone service after paying separately this whole time (they never offered to bundle them for me to save me money) so after 2 months of them failing to apply the changes, I decided to shut my phone service off and just have the DSL. When I could no longer take the problems with the DSL disconnecting me from my VPN connection to the internet that I need for my job I work at home, they tested the line and said it was one their end and they’d send someone. They even called to confirm the appoitment twice. We waited around all day and when they didn’t show I called and they said that they re-tested the line and it was in fact NOT on their end so they decided not to send anyone. Thanks for calling right. I told them I was still having the problems and they wanted to troubleshoot yet again. I told them I was done troubleshooting and wanted a tech sent. Well if I paid the fee they’d send one.

    To make a long story short, I canceled my service with Verizon and went with Time Warner and I have not had a problem since. I’ll never go back to Verizon because of their customer service being so poor and not helpful or understanding at all.

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