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Wordless Wednesday – 6 Years Ago

This picture was taken almost exactly 6 years ago 11/6/04. Sabreena was 10, Shaun was 1 1/2, time sure does fly.  This was the best house for playing in leaves.

playing in the leaves


  1. Awww! Kids DO grow up way too fast!!

  2. Playing in leaves is always so much fun! They do grow up quickly though, great photo.

  3. Oh time goes by too fast. That’s a cute photo!

  4. that’s a great fall photo!

  5. That pic is SO cute!

    (wish we had leaves like that in Houston)

  6. Daddy doesn’t look like he’s aged at all.

  7. I love this photo. 🙂 It’s worth the memories really. My kids also enjoy playing with leaves during autumn season. It’s definitely a fun and happy picture that’s worth treasuring for a lifetime.:-)

  8. Oh, nice picture! I miss jumping in leaves-no crunchy brown leaves in Hawaii

  9. Having kids really shows us the passage of time.

  10. Aw this is such a great photo.

  11. So fun we too play in the leaves luv looking at older pics

  12. That is so precious. Time really does fly.

  13. This is really cute! You should take one like it this year and display them together!

  14. Awe, that looks like a ton of fun. Time surely does go by TOO fast!

  15. I love how Shaun looks like he’s throwing them up in the air!

  16. Playing in the leaves is the best. It looks like you had a lot to enjoy in that yard. 🙂

  17. looks like Shaun is having a blast!!!
    isn’t it so fun to look at the past pictures?!

  18. Would they do that pose now? That would be cute!

  19. I love Fall pictures. Very nice.

  20. GREAT pic.
    Happy WW!

  21. Time sure flies! Our last house had one big maple in front that was like that, now we are surrounded by trees… and leaves are a major chore! esp since we have no little ones to play in them.

  22. Such a sweet picture!

  23. What a cute photo!!!!!!

  24. Adorable family!

  25. So cute! They are so teeny there

    (FYI your address shows, maybe you want to crop that out?)

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