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Holiday Season but not Holiday Shopping

We are smack dab in the middle of holiday season but there are so many more things going on. Rob and I will be celebrating out 10 year dating anniversary soon; so anniversary gifts in on the mind. I wonder what the traditional gifts are supposed to be. I know wood is for 5 years; any chance diamonds is the 10 year modern gift? Any chance Rob is reading this now, taking the hint?

My BFF cousin Tabitha’s birthday is coming up as well as my sister Jennifer; I’m trying to come up with perfect birthday gifts ideas for both of them. Jennifer is the fashionista and my cousin is a party girl; two very different people. They are both family oriented, mothers and wives so I want to make sure their gifts are truly just for them, little indulgences they don’t have to share with the kiddos.

I know June is traditional wedding season but December seems to be becoming a popular wedding month too. I have to come up with 2 wedding gifts for friends for their low-intimate weddings. Money is always nice but something sentimental of the life they have shared or the life the will be sharing over the next 50-ish years.

Shopping for gifts in the holiday season is sometimes hard when it’s not holiday shopping.