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What are your Dreams for the New Year

New Years is right around the corner. I never gave it too much thought about making resolutions and establishing goals and dreams with the new start. I just wanted always wanted someone to kiss, that was my silly superstition to ensure I had love that year. This year is different, I threw away that silly superstition and have taken hold of my own destiny. I have established a list of things I want to change within me and my life.

Live Better: this doesn’t necessarily mean exercise more or go on a diet but more of a general lifestyle change to improve me as a whole.
Love Better: my family is most important to me and sometimes they don’t know that because I don’t show it. I have to open my heart as well as my ears and arms. I have to become the person I always wanted to be and not the born out of circumstance. Experiences happened to me they shouldn’t mold me into the person I should be.
Do Better: take pride in what I do and have to offer. I may not be perfect in my actions but my attempts have to be sincere and 100% even if they aren’t successful. I will do the best I can in everything I do.
Feel Better: I’ve had experiences in life that have affected me in a negative way. I can’t use them as excuses anymore to stop me from happiness and growth. It’s time to wipe away all the darkness, anger, regret and pity and look at things with a new goal in mind.

Do you have goals, dreams and ambitions for the New Year? Share them with the world as part of the confetti drop on Times Square New Year’s Eve 2011. Carnival Cruise Lines is the official sponsor of the confetti drop this year. Did you know the confetti has been host to people’s wishes and dreams for the past 4 years. The Wishing Wall in Times Square is a place where for 4 years now people from all over the world have jotted down their biggest hopes for the New Year. When the ball drops and the clock stikes midnight those notes are dispersed into the biggest most electrifying gathering of people on the world on one the biggest days of the year.

If you can’t make it to Times Square in time to visit the Wishing Wall before NYE you can submit your own wish or dream online at Carnival’s Facebook Page. These electronic additions will be added to the confetti that rains down on the party goers who braved the crowds and cold. Think hard about what you really want from this coming new year.  What is going to make your happy? Money? Gifts? Love? Fame? Family?


  1. Great list! Keeping in all the bad really isn’t good. Get it out and wipe it away, you’ll feel much better. I have a few goals which my family isn’t going to be happy about, because they love junk food. I went on my path over a year ago to eat healthier to feel good. Now it’s time I do this for them as well. They refuse to eat the good stuff. I’m the shopper if I don’t buy they don’t get!

    • Nichol – my mom never brought us junk food – like soda pop and snack bags of chips. So we never missed it. Once we made our own money we could buy them if that’s how we wanted to spend our money. Great that you are the shopper – stick by your guns!

      • we stopped a lot of the junkfood a couple years ago, i’m sure we could do better but I don’t think we do bad. Shaun always complains that his friends at school bring in “junk” and he only has fruits and healthy snacks, so sorry kid I’m the mom!

  2. I have never done resolutions. I do believe in setting life goals and doing our best to achieve them. Having said that I love your list. Everyone should make it our goals to life like that this year. My only wish this year is for healthy twins to be born. Arica and the babies health is by far the most important thing on my mind these days. Merry Christmas!

    • still can’t believe you’re having twins, you need a new blog title 🙂
      (sorry for the flurry of messages, I’m catching up on my comment love)

  3. Melinda – I was just asked today to post to OUR site my New Years resolutions and it’s been on my mind. I may steal a little from your wonderful list. My hubs has had health issues but now they seem to be under control (knock wood) so my resolutions will be ME focused for a change. I like your site! I like that your NY Resolutions are beyond kissing at midnight 🙂 Love is everywhere if you open your heart to it!
    Have a great Holiday! – AMF

    • thanks so much for the kind words. Even when i was single I at least wanted my friends around so they could all get hugs and kisses.

  4. Jennifer @ Mom Spotted says

    I’m all about getting healthy come the new year. My family has even been forwarned to eat the junk thats in the house now because I won’t be buying any of it anymore!

    • thats the only way it works. we do junk cereal for snacking but refuse to give it as breakfast, IMO not a good start to the day.

  5. You have a great list! I really want to live more “green” and organic in the New Year. We have slowing been adapting changes in our life but I know we can do a lot more. I also am a huge procrastinator. I want to work on improving that.

    • i started composting about a month ago, that’s my newest venture into “green”. Start small, if you take on too much then it becomes overwhelming.

  6. We need to eat better and live better in my house. One really big goal I have is to delegate more on the blog and spend more time with the family!

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