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First Decent Snow of 2011!!!

Here in Delaware we were suppose to get 4-8 inches of snow overnight and we did get snow yet I am not sure how much but it was enough for school to be cancelled and for me to take the day off of work.

We got an inch or so a week ago and Shae was dying to go outside and make snow angels which we never did but she made up for it today.  Shae literally just came in now for lunch but she was outside for about 3 hours.  Melinda and I were outside with her for a little while while she did some sledding and snow angel making then we came in and Sabreena took the second shift.

Shaun on the other hand is still outside.  We even put his lunch and water on the front step so he didn’t need to get undressed to come in for lunch.  I am sure we won’t see him until dinner time.

Must be nice to be a kid and love the freezing cold snow. LOL!!