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Project 52 Week 5

This is the 5th Saturday of the year and time for my 5th installment of Project 52, a weekly peek into our lives through pictures.

dry winter air = insane static

snow AGAIN

K'Nex fun - Helicopter

stained glass finally added to kitchen


  1. The stained glass is really pretty! I really love it! Also that baby is too freaking cute! LOL

  2. The hair pick is to funny!!!

  3. My hair matches hers right now, sick and tired of snow! My son has been asking for K’nex not sure which one he has it wrote down, he’d probably really like the helicopter and the stained glass is beautiful. Love the color:)

    • we’ve gotten about 4-5 K’nex sets so we just threw them all in a big bucket. Last week they kids made a Ferris Wheel.

  4. Aww, Madi is a cutie!!!!
    great pics:)

  5. Michelle Ayers says

    Oh I love the stained glass flower and I love the hair pic!

  6. Wow, she and I have the same hair! I’m so fed up with it! I’m sick of ponytails! Of course in summer it’s so humid here I can’t do anything with my hair so it stays in a pony again. It’s snowing in MN again. Thankfully we have no K’nex because my boys just started collecting Star Wars Legos. I can only handle so much. =)

  7. Maybe she can try out for the revival of the stage production of Hair in a few years!

  8. Debbie Stanton says

    the stained glass is beatiful… love it!

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