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Keep the Kids away from the tools

This is what happened when we let Shaun use a $40 shovel to build his fort. He let the shovel slip into the street where he said he heard a car run over it. Sabreena said he was running around the field looking all over for it. The idiot that ran over it is probably sitting on the side of the road with a flat right now.


  1. Oh my!! Yes, I’d say they have a flat tire for sure. Yikes!

  2. Yep I would say a flat, it was definitely felt when he/she ran over it.

    • LOL. You would think right but Shaun said no one even stopped and now my shovel is on the way to the dump. Not Cool! HAHA

  3. It makes you wonder if texting was involved. lol
    Supervise when expensive tools are involved I guess.

    • If this happened to my 15 yr old I would say yes but Shaun is only 7 so I would say no. I would say it was due to not paying attention. No Suprise. LOL.

  4. Awwww…. that just sucks.

  5. Wow. You can still use it to dig narrow trenches. I think they call that a sharp shooter.

  6. Wow, that is one twisted piece of metal!

  7. Elaine Lund says

    Your post made me remember when I was little and left my sled in the driveway. it was a Radio Flyer with the wooden slats and metal runners. My Dad ran over it when he came home from work!

  8. oh man! I am sure the driver is pretty upset as well. It sounds like someone is going to be losing their allowance…lol.

    My dad can probably go on for days with stories about my brothers losing or breaking his tools. Finally, he locked the garage for a while and cut off access. Now, I get to hear my brother is getting a taste of it with my nephew.

    • I like your thinking but Shaun doesn’t get allowance so I’m screwed there. I just can’t believe the person who ran it over didn’t stop to see what they hit.

      • No kidding, it could have been a child. I imagine running over a shovel and doing that much damage to it couldn’t have been quiet.

  9. Dang, bummer!!

  10. Ouch! That really did the shovel in!

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