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Bambi Diamond Edition release March 1, 2011

Bambi is coming out of the vault, March 1, 2011!  The Diamond Edition debut of BAMBI, Walt’s fifth full-length animated classic, is a heartwarming story about a young deer that quickly learns the lessons of life: love, friendship, loss and heartbreak.

It’s been many years since watching Bambi, in fact I don’t think I even remember the entire story.  This is going to be a Friday movie night pick with the kids. We are slowly replacing all of our DVDs with the Blu-Ray/DVD combos.  The Disney classics are the 1st on the list and I’m excited to introduce Bambi to the kids. Shop for yourself with this $10 off coupon.

The new BAMBI Diamond Edition will be available as a 2-Disc Disney Combo Pack, a High Definition Movie Download and a Standard Definition Movie Download. For those wanting it in standard definition DVD version you’ll have to wait until April 19, 2011. Disney’s new “Second Screen” technology, which is being introduced for the very first time on the BAMBI Diamond Edition release, will further transform the at-home movie watching experience by empowering viewers with the ability to engage with film content on multiple media platforms and bring them to life in their own hands at the touch of a button

For those getting the 2-Disc Combo Pack you’ll have access to fun games and activities as well as never before seen deleted scenes and a song; Twitterpated.  Bambi is 69 years old, it was intended to be Disney’s second full-length animated film after “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” but took 6 years to complete. It is one of Disney’s most beloved classics and its shelf life is limited so get it now before it gets locked up again.

Get your kids involved in the Bambi love with the attached activity and coloring pages till the movie is released March 1st.

Bambi Activity Sheet

Bambi ColoringPage