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Healthier Winter with GermGuardian

The dry winter air wrecks havoc on my family. The kids wake up with chapped cheeks and cracked lips and cough that produce nothing. Recently Rob and I have been waking up with dry scratchy throats no amount of water can soothe. For years the kids have slept with humidifiers to ease the weather induced sawdust air and keep the sickness away. Usually Rob and I just suffered through it, until now.

Germ Guardian sent us their 55-Hour Ultrasonic Humidifier to review. Since the kids already have similar quality humidifiers in their rooms we thought it would benefit us to try it for US. To start off Rob liked that there was no added cost involved for filters or silver sticks. Both brands we currently use both require one if not both replacement parts throughout a season. The variable mist controls lets us adjust the humidity level in our room. This is good since we keep it directly next to the bed, it doesn’t have to be cranked up high.
The warm and cool mist option is perfect for a nursery. That croupy barky cough that many children get during the winter responds really well with a cool mist humidifier; it helps to alleviate bronchial swelling.

I’ve been waking up with less dryness in my sinuses and throat; so it’s working. Rob has noticed an improvement in his sleep also. Invest in a Germ Guardian ultrasonic humidifier for the winter, your body will thank you.

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  1. Sounds very interesting! I love using humidifiers in our rooms here. It is a great way to clear up your sinus’s in a snap!

  2. I have that barky cough right now…I could benefit from this humidifier!

  3. Looks like an amazing product. We’ve been looking for a good humidifier that is easy to clean.

  4. I like that a lot better than the one I own. THe colors are nice too. My son needs it so desperately with his allergies thanks

  5. For years my husband and I suffered through winter. We would try things, like turning down the heat at night, that just didn’t work. We would be stuffy nosed, scratchy throat-ed, and cranky! We did recently purchase 2 humidifiers, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. They help, but sometimes it’s just too humid! I like that the Germ Guardian has a control for the amount of humidity! I will have to check this out! Thanks for sharing

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