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I’ll Miss You

A good friend of my parents as well as mine passed this week at the age of around 67. He was on the list to receive a liver but never made it.

This saddens me greatly because he took me under his wing when I was growing up. When I was about 13-14 years old I use to go to work with him over the summer. He was a truck driver who hauled steel locally and owed his own rig. He taught me responsibility and how to be a man when I wasn’t exactly the nicest kid to be around.  Even as I grew up and had a family we would still see each other at my parents church and he got to meet and get to know Melinda and our kids. 

He was a funny man and was always busting my balls while we were on the road.  He taught me a lot of stuff about life while on the road and I am going to miss him.

I love you George! Rest In Peace!

Tonight at 6pm is the viewing and the memorial service isright after at 8pm.  Tonight is going to be tough.