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Adobe Is My Nemesis

I love working from home but at the same time I hate it.

About once a week I remote into my desktop at work from my laptop at home so that I am able to see the same thing I would see if I was working from the office. Usually it works out perfect but last week when I was working from home my boss asked me to edit a pdf and then create a pdf. The problem was I wasn’t at work so I wasn’t able to do exactly what he was looking for.

I am thinking I might need to upgrade my Adobe at home so I can edit pdf, create pdf and even do pdf forms. Like I said working from home is awesome because it saves me two hours of drive time to and from work but if I am unable to do simple tasks from home my boss might make me come into the office daily.

I know some people would say what is the big deal but being able to work from home one day a week is huge. Also, considering the day I typically choose to work from home is Friday it makes the week that much better.

Are you good with PDF’s?

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