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Hard Time Letting Go On Sunday

This weekend I allowed something to happen that I was nervous about for the entire 2.5 hours they were gone. I let Shaun go with Sabreena to the movies to see Rango on Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t difficult because I don’t trust Sabreena because I totally do. She is 15 yrs old and goes out with friends alone all of the time after school and on the weekend. Maybe it is because Shaun is 7 yrs old (8 on March 31st) and that is why I was freaking out. Maybe it was because my two kids were out alone and I was freaking out that something might happen to them. Who knows, maybe I was just being way to over protective.

Melinda and I were home watching a DVD and numerous times I mentioned how I hoped the kids were ok and she told me they were fine. In my head I believed her but was still freaked out until I went to pick them up. Only after they were in the van was I able to calm down and able to be at ease.

They said the movie was awesome but I will be honest I am not sure if I will be able to let Shaun go to the movies alone with Sabreena again. I am not sure my heart or mind can handle it. LOL. I guess I am just that dad that finds it hard to let go.

Am I being crazy or do you think I was justified in my thoughts? Be honest here I can handle it. LOL.

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  1. I think it’s great. She is totally a baby-sitting age, so she is sure to be responsible. Especially if you go over any rules, like use the restroom before or after the movie and wait for each other. (That is the one thing that would freak me out). Of course, no talking to strangers, no going with anyone and that they have a cell for emergencies. I definitely wouldn’t let Shaun go ALONE at this point. (That would so freak me out, since I see what that age is like – my nephew is 7). But with Sabreena – it really is a great brother-sister activity that would be nice to let them do every month or so.

    • That is funny because I went in an bought the tickets and popcorn and stuff and made Shaun go to the bathroom before I left so I guessI was thinking ahead but I was still freaked out.

  2. BTW – how was Rango? Keeg wants to watch it, but I don’t know if I can bear it. LOL. Did the kids love it?

    • Sabreena and Shaun both said it was a great movie. Melinda and I didn’t want to see it either and that is why they both went alone. LOL.

  3. I can totally understand how you feel! We have left our 7 year old home alone with our 13 year old a few times…but only for like 30 minutes or less. I’m not sure if I could let them to go to the movies alone yet. 🙂

    • At home I feel comfortable leaving them together since they can lock the door etc. I guess it is the public things with strangers that freaks me out.

      • I would feel that way, too. I always worry what creepy people would think/do if they saw kids alone..although I see that all the time. I would just feel so horrible if something happened.

  4. I think you were right to be worried and concerned but I would still allow the kids to go to movies together. I think it allows for brother/sister bonding time, which is great. I probably wouldn’t let him go alone to the movies with any other kids without parental supervision at this point. My son is 11 and still hasn’t done this yet. I’d say allow them to have some brother/sister time (while you can still get a teenager to do this, lol) like this every once in a while or maybe as a starting point you could be in the same theater but watching a different movie if this would make things easier.

    • I never really thought about the brother/sister bonding time but that is a great point and reason enough to let them go to the movies again together. Thanks!

  5. I would be the same way. My kids are still really young but I wouldn’t be comfortable with that either. It’s one thing to trust your kids but it’s another to trust everyone else. I’m glad they were fine and I guess this is something we just have to become comfortable with over time. Kids grow up but it’s hard for us parents

  6. I agree with you 100%. I guess I need to get comfortable or else my kids will neve rleave the house without me. LOL. And I am sure they won’t appreciate that.

  7. It is so stinkin’ funny. Everytime I think Melinda is writing a post, it turns out to be you. This isn’t the first time I’m reading along picturing Melinda writing about how she feels and BOOM you talk about Melinda! LOL I took my boys to see Rango on Sunday and I sat in the partking lot and read a book. We live too far away from the theater for me to leave and my boys are too young for me to leave the theater for an entire movie. My daughter has taken my boys to the movies before, but for me, there’s something about my kids being gone together that freaks me out and it’s for lots of different reasons! LOL Ugh, being a parent is NOT easy on the heart or the nerves!

    • LOL, that is funny that you think Melinda is writing but it is me. I guess sometimes I act like a women. HAHAHA. Our theather is about 10 minutes away so I am able to go back home. This is the 1st time I let them both go to the movie alone together and it seemed to work out ok. Shaun actually asked last night could Sabreena take him to see Kung Fu Panda 2 once it comes out. Guess he was ok with going to the movies alone with his big sister and the more I think about it so was I.

  8. Oh gosh I would have been worried for sure. I am a worrier by nature especially when it comes to my children, over protective. I am able to allow independence, I THINK, but would still worry. You see I haven’t had to deal with this yet, mine are only girl age 8, boy age 4 and boy age 2… few years ahead before I am in your place. Relax Dad it will be okay 🙂 It is nice to get some time away from the children I am sure too.

    • It was nice for Melinda and I and it was nice for Sabreena and Shaun to get out and have some fun as well. Actually Shaun is already asking to do it again. This boy is trying to kill me with all of my worrying. LOL.

  9. I think every home has at least one parent like you. In our house it is my wife. I would say it’s normal.

    • LOL, maybe but I hope I start feeling comfortable soon since Shaun is now asking to go to the movies again with Sabreena.

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