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Project 52 – Week 13

Welcome to my 13th installment of Project 52, my attempt to capture our lives in a couple pictures or videos once a week.

project 52, weekly photos

This week was good. I get in a good routine of eating better, I had less headaches, less sleepiness, less grumpiness.  My niece was gone most of the week so Shae and I spent the last few days running errands, having lunch and just doing stuff.  Last weekend was Rob’s b-day party; not really a party just a casual dinner of some family and friends. I got not a single picture the entire night.  I really have to train myself to put the camera in a more obvious place during things like this.  Below are just a few glimpses into our everyday.

true sign of spring

piggie portrait-shae drew it all by herself except the heart feet

one of our errands was shopping for all new craft supplies


That’s it for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Oh and if you’re doing a Project 52 post link up in a comment and I’ll come by and check it out.