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Sabreena Is In Need Of a New Bed

Sabreena is 15 and growing up way to fast. One problem I have is that she is using half of the bunk bed that her mom mom and pop pop bought her when she turned 5 years old. She is now 15 so this bed is ten years old. Shae is using the other half.

I would love to get her a platform bed in twin size and that is because for some reason a queen seems too big. If Melinda had her way Sabreena would get a queen size but to be honest I am not sure it would even fit in her room. I think it might have come to light when we repainted Sabreena’s room that a twin size platform bed would be the best option to utilize her small little piece of heaven.

More platform beds these days are utilizing under the bed for clothes and additional storage which is essential for people who have a limited space in their bedroom like Sabreena. What I like most about platform beds is all of the different options that they come in and their look. They look so sophisticated to me for some reason.

It is too bad that Melinda and I bought a new bed a few months back because the more I think about it a platform bed might have been perfect for us. We could have used the cloths storage underneath considering Melinda stores some of her cloths in Shae’s closet. Maybe we could squeeze our bed into Sabreena’s room and get a new one for us. I don’t think so but no harm in dreaming.

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