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To Me A Table Is A Table And A Chair Is A Chair

I can remember when Melinda and I first got married neither of us had a dining room set because we both lived in small apartments. All Melinda ever said she wanted once we moved to a bigger place was a nice dining room table with nice side dining room chairs.

This is not our dining room set

Over the years we have had numerous dining room sets but nothing to write home about. One I can remember was a small round table and 4 chairs that was in Melinda’s mom’s house and she gave it to us which worked and lasted us a few years before we finally went out on our own and bought a set that Melinda loved. That was maybe five to six years ago and I think we might be in the market again for a new dining room set.

It is funny because I wanted to sell this set before we moved back to Delaware but Melinda stood her ground and refused but just the other day she mentioned wanting a new set. It’s a well know fact that our current dining room set is Melinda’s pride and joy. The kids even know and have made mention of that fact on numerous occasions. To me a table is a table and chairs are chairs as long as I can sit and eat at it I am good but I don’t think it works the same for Melinda and probably most women, LOL.  Maybe that isn’t 100% true because I do like the winsome windsor dining side chairs.

I am not 100% if and when we will be on the hunt again for a new dining room set but rest assured we won’t be buying one until Melinda finds once that she absolutely loves.

Do you love your dining room table and chairs?  Do you need a new set?

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  1. Our first dining room set was a table and chairs we bought for ten dollars at a garage sale and crammed into the back of our Datsun hatchback to take home. A set, that on the way home, went sliding out the hatchback and skidded across the pavement. (That probably added 10 more years onto a already 50 year old retro set) Only to find out when we got it home, that it smelled like cat pee.

  2. I love our dining set. It’s oak and amazing. I let my mom keep it when we were in our small apartment before we bought our home, and she placed hot dishes on it. Now I have white spots. I gotta figure out how to get them out.

  3. I’ve been looking at dining room sets for the longest. Everytime I THINK I found the one, I end up looking some more. The space I have is sorta small so it has to be the perfect size.

  4. I would love a dining set. When I was younger I thought I would never want one. I have realized that it would be nice to have so I can host more family dinners.

  5. I have a handed down table and chair set. Chewed up in some spots by my mom’s english mastiffs. It works for us, we tend to leave very cheap because we have low income. We make it, but no room for extras. I know some day we will have room for extras and I may just choose to update a dining room table and chair set for sure!

    • As long as you are able to sit down and eat at it that is all that counts in my book.

      • Agreed. I am HUGE on family sitting down to dinner, if not every night of the week, at least one night a week for a family dinner. My father was big on a Sunday night family dinner and I try to stick with that.

  6. I actually took out the dining room set and changed the formal dining room to a sitting room/reading room/hangout room. I like it so much better that way, but we have an eat-in kitchen, so it didn’t make sense to have two tables.

    • Makes sense. We use our table every day for dinner and the kids use it for breakfast and lunch so needless to say our table isn’t going anywhere right now.

  7. I need a new set. Ours was awesome until we added kids. Then with all the kid stuff, the large dining room table didn’t leave a lot of room for active boys in the great room. So now my table is in the garage. Sad. We have a little kitchen table we use now. Eventually I want a drop-leaf table so I can make it as roomy as I need.

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