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Yard Work/Gardening Is Work But Fun

Melinda and I have been working in the yard for the last three days mulching and getting our vegetable garden ready for another wonderful season. Thankfully we are lucky enough to live in a place where ground and space are plentiful but if we didn’t we would definitely be turning to City Hydroponic.

Melinda loves growing fresh vegetable and wouldn’t allow space to hold her back and that is where City Hydroponic aeroponic gardening comes into play.

Aeroponic gardens consist of a frame, allowing leaves or canopy to grow upward and roots to expand downward, and a system for delivering nutrient-rich water vapor to the roots. Plants spend approximately 99.98% of their time exposed to air and .02% of their time in contact with a hydro-atomize nutrient solution.

Aeroponic allows your plants to grow without soil or medium to hinder natural growth but allows for maximum root expansion along with 100% access to CO2 which allows you more garden in less space.  I must be honest, until today I had no idea about this kind of gardening.  I wish when Melinda and I were living in our apartment we knew about aeroponic gardens because we would have utilized this form of gardening for sure.

I am not sure what kind of hydroponic supplies you will need to start a garden for the space that you current have but if you live in a condo or apartment don’t let the lack of space keep you from growing that garden you have always wanted.

Do you currently have a garden or are working on one as we speak?  Is your yard large enough for a tradition garden or no?

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