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A little work left

A couple months back we started a mini makeover of our bedroom. The addition of my vanity is the most recent update. We’ve also gotten as far as a new headboard and footboard and linens. We’ve also realized that we don’t love our bed. Buying a mattress for Shaun last year brought that to our attention really quick. I tested out a soft cushy mattress and loved it. Rob prefers a firmer feel. Right now our mattress is in the middle. Sometime in the next couple years we WILL be making a switch to an adjustable bed. Of course we need to do some more research so that perfect mattress finds its way in our home.
As for the very near future, new dressers are on the list, pieces that are warmer and darker and much more modern. Finishing touches such as curtains, décor and artwork are harder for us to choose though. We spotted a pretty floral print the other day but just couldn’t commit to buying it. It really is the little things that make the most impact and those things we cannot agree on. I’m hoping everything falls into place soon; I really want my retreat, my sanctuary, my oasis.

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