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Extra Special Shoes

Pink and white shoes for a little girl are special but when they change color to pink and purple they are extraordinary. Crocs Chameleons Color Changing shoes are the shoes we are talking about today.

Just a couple seconds in the sun and Shae’s shoes transform from pink and white to pink and purple. Each time it happens she squeals in excitement and shows them off to anyone within earshot.

The Chameleons are made with the same trusted Croslite™ material to ensure a formed fit against your child’s feet. The top color changing material is different than the original shoes. Its firmer texture is less giving when inserting Jibbitz; especially for those unfamiliar with the twist and shove action needed. The helpful people at a Crocs store were able to get all of our Jibbitz into Shae’s new shoes.

Crocs Chameleons were released May 13 but are a limited edition. Get yours today and choose from the below color changing options:

Oyster (white) clog changes to pink lemonade in the sun.
Yellow clog changes to lime green in the sun.
Celery clog changes to sea blue in the sun.

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