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Furniture Shopping = Time And Money

This isn't the chair I was going to buy but it does look cool

On Saturday I needed to take my back bike tire to the shop to the have the rim replaced because while riding a spoke popped and destroyed the rim. Good thing this was deemed defective and I received a new rim for free.

While pulling up to the bike shop Melinda and Sabreena saw a furniture store and said we should go browse. So off they went to the furniture store while I went to drop off my rim to get fixed. After I dropped off my rim I headed down to the furniture store to see what the ladies were doing and to my surprise they were looking at sectional sofas and queen sized sleigh beds. Funny thing here is we just got a new sofa and bed about three months ago so not sure why they were looking at sectional sofas or beds. I will admit that Melinda and I have wanted a sectional for 8 years but we just can’t find one that will fit right and we both can’t seem to agree on color and style. Sabreena mentioned that she really wanted a new bed and likes the sleigh beds but I am just not sure this style of bed would fit into her room even though the bed was really pretty.

While there I figured I would look at recliners since everyone else was looking at furniture for themselves and because that is the next piece of furniture that I would really like to get. I think I found the perfect recliner, it was super comfortable to sit on and it had a five zone massager and it was heated. I instantly felt like I was in heaven until I looked at the price and saw it was $1,200. WOW! Not that I wouldn’t pay $1,200 for a quality chair that I knew would last me a long time but the price really threw me off.

So after looking through the store for about an hour we left empty handed and we didn’t put a deposit down on anything which I guess means we aren’t getting anything. At least not right now we aren’t but I do what that recliner.

What is your price limit on furniture? Am I crazy to get a $1,200 recliner? You can be honest I can handle it. I hope. LOL.

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