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Egg Carton Floral Wreath #Spring #Craft

Using recycled materials is one of the best ways to complete a craft.  No one wants to trek out to buy new supplies just for one craft so this is something that most people can do just by raiding your supply closet.

This floral wreath is done using an egg carton, paint, beads (or buttons) and a wire hanger. I know you can find at least 1 wire hanger in your house.Egg Carton Flower Wreath Supplies

  • Wire Hanger
  • 18-ct egg carton (we used 12, not enough)
  • Paints (we used water colors but poster and tempera will work too)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads of any kind or color(or buttons)
  • Leaves cut from construction paper or cardstock

Manipulate the hanger into a roundish shape, leaving the hook intact, set aside. Cut apart the egg carton and cut down each side and corner so the cup opens up like a flower. Poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup, a pen or pencil point is plenty big enough.

Egg Carton Flower Crafts

Paint each cup; Shae did this on her own using a new color for each cup/flower. Set aside to dry. Using water colors allowed the flowers to dry very quickly, lots of paint, little bit of water was the trick.

Preschool Crafts, Egg Carton Flower

Painted Egg Carton Flower

Painting Egg Carton Flowers

Use ½ length of pipe cleaner for each flower. Thread 1-2 beads on each pipe cleaner right to the middle. Fold the pipe cleaner and thread both ends through the hole in the flower. Give it a twist to secure it then wrap it tight onto the rounded hanger.

preschooler hands threading a bead

Randomly glue your cut leaves onto the back of the flowers and voila a beautiful floral wreath worthy of hanging. If your flowers are spinning on the hanger, try tightening the pipe cleaner or even adding some tacky or hot glue to the back to secure the pipe cleaner in place onto the hanger

Egg Carton Flower

**important note-poke your holes BEFORE painting. the paint will soften the cardboard egg cup and you might end up with HUGE holes too big for the pipe cleaner.

Flower crafts seem to be one of our favorites things to create. Got Crafts? Post a picture of them on the GummpyLump Facebook page for a chance to win a craft kit. A new winner each week so upload those pics often.

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