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Are you sun care educated?

Banana Boat® Sun Care is working on raising $101,000 for The Skin Cancer Foundation. In order for this to happen they are asking Americans to get “Sun Certified” through Facebook. Each person that completes a short “Sun 101” quiz will not only get a badge for their own wall but will also trigger a $1 donation to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

banana-boat-sunscreenI find it astonishing that people still sunburn with all the skin cancer information and studies out there. Did you know that 1 sunburn as a child doubles your chances at developing melanoma at a later date. Thinking back at all the dumb things I did as a teen makes me worry. These days I apply sunscreen not just to me but to my children and husband. Our pool/beach bag has several bottles handy.

While doing this quick survey also learn how to protect yourself in the sun and all about the new Banana Boat® products such as the Tear Free Sting Free line that is clinically proven to be “Sting Free” for kids. The SPF 110SPF UltraMist® Sunscreen Continuous Clear Sprays have the highest protection available for those most damaging rays. I pack a bottle in Rob’s cycling bag, the kid’s overnight bag and always in our to-go bag for those unexpected trips outdoors.

Stay protected not just this summer but all year long for all outdoor activities to decrease your chances for harmful skin damage and skin cancer diagnosis.



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