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Big Sound from a Little Package

Music is a staple in Sabreena’s life; her iPod can always be found on her body. Zazzle just made listening to her music more fun. The Doodle is the first ever customizable speaker. Think walkman but cooler; think boombox but smaller. Zazzle lets music lovers play their tune everywhere they go without the constraints of size, cords and bulk OR teeny tiny earbuds.

When the box for Sabreena’s Doodle arrived I was a bit shocked; no I was way shocked. I never looked at the dimensions but for some reason assumed it would be more like alarm clock size. It’s not, it is more like iPod size. The Doodle is tiny, like laughable tiny but it’s adorable and the cupcake design I chose for Sabreena is bright and colorful and unique. Sabreena literally awwwww it to death and immediately found 2 batteries and hooked it up. She loves it, says its perfect for her room and her needs and says now she can share her music with her friends instead of doing that dorky unhygienic sharing earbuds thing I see so many kids doing. It comes with a USB power cord to get juice from the computer or the option to install batteries.

The Doodle is totally customizable too.Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day or have a special event coming up, simply uploading your own photo takes it to a complete different level. Check out the plethora of images already available to pick out the perfect picture or phrase to make it your own.



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