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Don’t Be That Neighbor

The other day while Melinda and I were outside gardening we could smell something and to be frank it was disgusting. After looking around we quickly realized the smell was dog crap from our neighbors’ yard. They have two full size dogs that crap in the yard and I think if they clean the mess up once a week that would be a miracle.

Our Yard

Our Neighbor's Yard

I see stores online that sell things like safety posters and sign posts so it got me thinking maybe they sell a sign that reads “This is a dog crap free zone” or “If your dog craps clean up ASAP so I don’t have to smell”. Better yet maybe a few biohazard signs would be more appropriate and would get the neighbor thinking and it might force them to clean their yard and be a decent neighbor. The crazy thing is our neighbors grown son and pregnant girlfriend live there also so I see no reason why crap sits in the yard for weeks.

I am not sure why people are so gross and live the way they do. I understand that dogs need to go to the bathroom but cleaning up after them daily or every other day would be nice. That is the kind of person I am but I guess not everyone is considerate which to me seems so weird considering we live right next door to each other. If that was my yard I would totally be embarrassed.

How are your neighbors?  Do you get along with them?

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