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Don’t Be That Neighbor

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The other day while Melinda and I were outside gardening we could smell something and to be frank it was disgusting. After looking around we quickly realized the smell was dog crap from our neighbors’ yard. They have two full size dogs that crap in the yard and I think if they clean the mess up once a week that would be a miracle.

Our Yard

Our Neighbor's Yard

I see stores online that sell things like safety posters and sign posts so it got me thinking maybe they sell a sign that reads “This is a dog crap free zone” or “If your dog craps clean up ASAP so I don’t have to smell”. Better yet maybe a few biohazard signs would be more appropriate and would get the neighbor thinking and it might force them to clean their yard and be a decent neighbor. The crazy thing is our neighbors grown son and pregnant girlfriend live there also so I see no reason why crap sits in the yard for weeks.

I am not sure why people are so gross and live the way they do. I understand that dogs need to go to the bathroom but cleaning up after them daily or every other day would be nice. That is the kind of person I am but I guess not everyone is considerate which to me seems so weird considering we live right next door to each other. If that was my yard I would totally be embarrassed.

How are your neighbors?  Do you get along with them?

I Disclose

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  1. We had a neighbor like that once and I found out through the township that they can’t let CRAP pile up in their yards for weeks on end. So, the town commissioner came out and fined them for the PILE OF CRAP ($412 fine to be exact) and after that, we never had another CRAP problem with them.

    Geesh, that is do damn disgusting and it makes me sick just thinking about it!

    • Melinda says:

      I like how you capitalized CRAP each time LOL

    • Thanks for the tip. I am going to check to see what the city or township can do about this CRAP. LOL.

      • Your welcome! Up here in PA they consider that a health hazzard, especially in the hot summer months when that pile of CRAP will really start to ….well…smell LOL It only took me 1 call and they were out here the next day. Funny part was…the day after they were fined for the pile up of CRAP it was 96 degrees here and we sat in our air conditioning laughing our A$$e$ off at them out there sweating for 3 hours cleaning up their yard. CRAP solved.

  2. I get along with my neighbors. We’re in the country so we all have space. I don’t have time to get each section of my yard mowed at the same time so that takes me a while. No one around here has crazy parties or does anything “out there”. Most of us have an animal of some sort but there’s a guy down the street who’s dog used to get lose. She’d come down to play with Rugby and pee in my yard, which would burn the grass! I finally asked him to not let her do that. It was SO hard. The last thing I wanted was issues with a neighbor. We didn’t have any issues from that time on. It would be hard to “share” a yard with someone who clearly doesn’t take care of theirs!

    • It is hard but I don’t care if they like me or not. I want to be able to go into my yard without having to worry about it smelling like crap.

      • I am experiencing the same issue RIGHT NOW!!! Her yard looks like a jungle. A limb fell and is resting on the roof on her porch and in our yard!!! The dog “CRAP SMELL is horrible!!!!!! It’s almost impossible to sit on the patio without smelling dog mess!!!! I’m going to ck with our mayor and see what type assistance I can get from them. I’m almost ready to over and clean up the mess myself. At least I’m assured at least two days without smelling dog ….!!! ??

  3. Ewww… I might not get out to pick up my dogs poop as soon as they are done (I try) but leaving it in the yard for weeks?!?! no….. My neighorbors and I do NOT get along. In fact, not a single other person on this street likes them and yet we still are civil with them. They are the ones that had the 4 year old key our new car and just recently the oldest (10 yr) broke the collar bone of one of the other neighorbors (5 yr) and then was BRAGGING about it. Hopefully your neighorbors and you can find a middle ground about the horrid smell…

    • WOW. Your neighbors sound like they need to be locked up!!!! Sounds like they are teaching their kids to grow up and be a$$holes like they are. What is wrong with people. It is called common decency for your fellow man!

  4. Our problem is we live on the corner (we don’t have dogs). But the rest of the neighborhood seems to think it’s OK to leave “GIFTS” from their dogs all over our lawn. Now I’m not saying that our lawn is golf course perfect, in fact it’s probably half crabgrass but PLEASE pick up after your dogs! Or let them go on your own lawn! I know that sometimes you take your pet for a walk and it happens but a simple plastic bag for YOU to pick it up would be nice so that when I go out to mow the law I don’t spend half and hour shoveling ‘gifts’ up. Yes there’s a law in our township that you have to clean up after your dog but the police have better things to do than run to my house everytime some scofflaw decides to take their dog for a walk and leaves ‘gifts’ on my lawn. So be a good neighbor, clean up after your pet. Kudos to those of my neighbors who DO clean up, I LOVE you all!

    • We have this same problem since we are on the corner as well. We live in a TH so I think people think it is the common area but even so why would you not clean up after your dog? I wish I knew who’s dog was doing it because I would get the crap and throw it on the persons front step and see how they like it.

  5. That’s just nasty! It’s not that big of a space so if they don’t keep up on it, it’s really going to accumulate out there. Sorry you’re catching the whiffs of their laziness. 🙁

    • Thanks and you are 100% right. It would take minutes for them to clean up on a daily basis but I guess that is to much time for them to invest.

  6. How disgusting. Not all folks are considerate of their neighbors though. I’d say check out city ordinances to see if it is allowed as Shelly commented.

  7. Ugh. We had friends over two nights ago and had a small cookout and enjoyed the pool. While sitting there eating I smelled dog crap lol. It was from our neighbors. It doesn’t help she dog sits, but lets it sit in the yard and never picks it up. Turned all of our stomachs.

    • That is nasty. People are gross and you wonder what the inside of their house looks like if they can just leave crap laying around outside. I actually called the county today for an inspector to come out. I hope my neighbor gets fined.

  8. We just moved and our new neighbor is a little on the strange side. He was polite and introduced himself to us very soon after we moved in. About 3 weeks later I look out my upstairs bedroom window and he’s outside in a bathrobe with NO CLOTHES ON UNDERNEATH. Like he’s NUDE! I was in shock! My husband wasn’t thrilled because we do have 2 kids that could have looked out the window and seen this. Luckily I haven’t seen him do it again! LOL

  9. Rob, I can’t believe that they won’t pick it up! You and Melinda porbably can’t even go out in your backyard very long with your family, without being knocked back into your house by the smell from the neighbor’s yard! If they were my neighbor, I’d be complaining to the homeowner’s association about it—forget about talking with the neighbor first about it!

  10. Sabina says:

    Usually if it’s just a dog poop smell you can speak to your neighbours. I have neighbours who commented about my weeds (because I refuse to use herbacide/insectacide) mostly dandilions (not a weed). They built an unzoned deck to overlook my yard, so I lost my privacy. Then they had bonfires at night with their drinking buddies when it was smeltering hot and I had to close my windows in a hot unairconditioned house (with small children) to prevent a smokey house. Then they parked their large pick ups and trucks in front of my driveway so it was difficult and dangerous getting out. Then when I planted trees along the property for privacy they complained about the leaves and branches and mess. Then she grabbed a ladder and started snipping off branches up to 2 feet over the property line. Then the husband made a point of standing outside at 8pm at night with his buddy to glare at me when I finished a 12 hour nursing shift returning home to my kids (this went on for years). Then he placed a drainage pipe adjacent to the fence directing water onto my property, and when I placed a gate to prevent tresspass, he would rip open the gait to clear out the hole. They went around the neighbourhood and spread shit about me to anyone stupid enough to listen. My kids are grown now, and I don’t much care about keeping my mouth shut anymore and keeping them happy….

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