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It Started with One

ronald-mcdonald-house-charities-join-us-for-1-campaignIt all started with one: one child who needed health care, one family who hoped to stay nearby and one community who came together to build the first Ronald McDonald House®. 36 years ago 1 child needed medical attention; Kim Hill was battling leukemia and was that child, that one child who inspired the RMHC system. Her parents slept on hospital chairs and ate from vending machines to stay by her side during her treatment. Their determination to stay close to their daughter inspired one doctor, one football team, one community and one company, McDonald’s, to create and build the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia in 1974.

The Ronald McDonald house has become a home away from home for many families across the world. More than 7200 families each night are greeted with warm beds, fresh meals, comfort and support by RMHC staff and volunteers while dealing with some of the most stressful times of their lives. RMHC was started in Philadelphia; I’ve volunteered at our local house in the past and my in-laws have utilized the services over the years while caring for a disabled adopted son. There is a special place in my heart for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Kim Hill passed away this year. In her memory RMHC is asking people to support the 1 Campaign by donating 1 penny, 1 dime, 1 quarter or 1 dollar to the donation boxes found at participating McDonald’s restaurants.

It doesn’t sound like much but each donation means so much for so many. Last year alone, nearly $25 million was raised through the RMHC Donation Boxes in the U.S. These funds support programs which provide a bridge to quality health care and allow families to give 100 percent of their time to their children so they can heal faster and cope better. In fact, one full Donation Box could provide a safe place to stay in a Ronald McDonald House for up to one night or cover the cost of a dental screening for a child on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.

Support the fundraising efforts on the Join us for 1 Facebook page, spread the word on twitter using hashtag #1 or visit your local McDonalds and drop off your 1 donation.



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