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Shaun’s First Taste Of Youth Football

This Wasn't Shaun's camp but it sort of looked like this

Yesterday Shaun wrapped up a 3 day football camp and in my opinion for his first time ever playing organized football I think he did pretty well.

The first day of camp the kids rotated to 4 different stations: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver and Offensive/Defense Lineman. The second and third day the kids selected what position they thought they may want to play once the season starts and then they went to that station for the day. Shaun selected the offensive/defensive station (with a little push from me) and did really well. I attended camp on Tuesday to watch Shaun and for this being Shaun’s first time at this position he got right into the correct stance and did really well at blocking and exploding off of the ball.

Shaun did complain a little that he wanted to go to the wide receiver station but after me explaining to him he needs a little more work on his hands and catching he sort of agreed that maybe this year wasn’t the right time for him to go out for a wide receiver position. I think if I work with Shaun over the summer and through out the season he may be able to go out for a wide receiver next season but if I have it my way he will stay at the offensive/defensive position. Those are the positions that I played in high school and I feel Shaun could really excel there if he gives it a 110%.

It is too early to tell how Shaun will do this season but if he listens to me and we work on a few things I think he will have an awesome first season. The one thing he REALLY needs to work on is his emotions. Right now he is still a little sensitive and cried a few times at camp when kids yelled at him for making a mistake but as time goes on hopefully he will just let that stuff roll of his back and not let it affect him mentally or emotionally. Only time will tell and we have been practicing because practice starts full time beginning July 31st.

Wish us luck!!!!

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