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Earn a Backyard Fun Badge

Disney’s Family Fun Magazine brings us fun filled ideas, informational articles and kid-friendly recipes. I’ve been reading this publication for over 8 years an know I can count on them for wholesome and entertaining content. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary with “Badges of Fun”, a fun, yearlong initiative that encourages families to spend even more time together.


First, check out the June/July birthday issue of FamilyFun, which features the first badge, themed “BackyardFun.” Families can earn these badges monthly — and, enter to win fun prizes — by completing one of three suggested activities under a particular theme. More details below on FamilyFun’s suggested ideas for “Backyard Fun” this summer!


Families are encouraged to share their experiences on the Badges of Fun microsite and print (or tear out from the June/July issue) a custom display poster — perfect for the fridge — to serve as a reminder of badges earned over the course of the year-long program.


Families across the country — and YOU, hopefully! Also, the first “Backyard Fun” badge for the June/July birthday issue was created by’s Lea Redmond. Each issue, there will be a new badge featured — each designed by various arts & craft bloggers who are fans of FamilyFun.

This past month we finished up planting the veggie garden and weeding the side and front yards. We’ve worked together to get flowers in hanging baskets and herbs in deck planters too. While this may not sound like fun for some families my kids love to get their hands dirty and literally see the fruits of their labor. We’ve also snuck in some dusk games in the field behind our house. The sunset provides enough light to toss around a ball and play a little badminton.

What kind of Backyard Fun can you have as a family?



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