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Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is something that eludes me most nights. Shae wakes up for a sip of water, a blanket adjustment or because she dropped a stuffed animal. Getting back to sleep used to be a struggle. I blamed flat pillows, warm sheets and creaky floors but the truth was it takes me long to get comfortable in bed.
I looked into getting an adjustable bed because I like a softer mattress and Rob doesn’t. To help with this lopsided need I turned to Sleep Innovations for a Memory Foam Mattress Topper. It turned our bed into a luxury experience. I get my soft cushioning without losing the firmness needed for healthy sleep. Since the mattress topper is on only 3 inches thick there is no sinking down feeling like you get with memory foam mattresses. No pressure points mean no aches and pains in the morning either.
3 inch memory foam mattress topper
Sleep Innovations is a leader in memory foam design and production. Their collection includes memory foam pillows, mattresses and toppers and some specialty items. All of their memory foam products are manufactured in the USA using environmentally friendly processes and strategies to reduce their carbon footprint.

Visit a local major retailer to feel for yourself the plush feel of Sleep Innovations Mattress Toppers.

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