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Internet or Television

My friends and I were talking earlier this week about whether we would rather give up television or the internet and almost all of us chose to give up TV. It could just be my generation but I use the internet for entertainment far more often than television. The internet is the place where I get all of my news and where I can talk to all my friends, new or old. I watch content on YouTube and read articles on Yahoo. I look at old pictures on Facebook and play games on Lumosity. And I look at blogs just like my parents do (though they are not the same kinds of blogs.) I use the internet the way it should be used, to find interesting and entertaining websites and new and original content that I can tell my friends about and obsess over.
However I don’t believe the internet could ever replace television. Even if the internet could provide every show that is offered on television for the same price as television, people would not be willing to give up there giant flat screen TVs for tiny computer screens. Also television is quickly improving and become higher quality (not necessarily in what kinds of shows we are viewing but in the visual look of the shows.) People are spending more money on their televisions and the packages they purchase to get more channels. TV is a pastime that families can do together and the internet can never replace that.

If you have to choose would you give up television or the internet?


  1. Definitely the tv – since you can watch most everything on the computer :0)

  2. I would rather give up tv !

  3. We already gave up our TV, but I could never give up my internet.


  5. I’d give up TV first in a heartbeat. Unless it was a Sunday night. Then I’d have to give up the Internet. Can’t miss True Blood!

  6. Ditto what everyone else said…and for the same reasons!

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  8. I never watch TV so that is easy. I would miss Idol but that is it. I would die without my internet, it would put me in a mental hospital lol

  9. Jessica Beard says

    I’d give up the TV, but my husband would give up Internet. He wonders why I am on it all the time.

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