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KW Zone – A Social Network Site For Kids

Shaun and Shae are at that age where they play on the computer and on the internet all of the time and it makes Melinda and I nervous about the sites they go to. I want the kids to be able to use the computer and internet at home because I want our kids to be knowledgeable about technology but I also want them to be safe so I can feel safe. Shaun and Shae also LOVE to explore the internet visiting different websites and playing games but they have from time to time ended up at a site that wasn’t exactly for kids. Recently we found a safe kids social network website called Kidzworld and really like the KW zone for Shaun and feel over time this is something that he will really enjoy. What is Kidzword? A Safe Social Network for Kids Established in 2001, Kidzworld is the first social network for kids between the ages 9 – 14. Kidzworld encourages kids to express themselves through the creation of original content in a safe online world. Children can interact with each other in our moderated chat rooms, message boards and forums. In the KW Zone (our kids social network), their user profile is a safe and secure place to share photos, create groups, write a blog, or post poems and stories. This area is continually supervised; the number one priority for a kids social network. In fact, all the social networking children do at Kidzworld is monitored for safety and bullying. Consequently, there is no ability to share or disclose personally identifiable or private information. Kidzworld is truly a safe social network for kids and teens. What I really like about Kidzworld is it creates a safe place for kids. Today’s society are filled with sexual predators always looking to take advantage of young kids so it is more important than ever to have a safe haven for kids to go. Older kids who are into social networking like sharing pictures and chatting online now have a place to go. I know you are going to say there are websites for kids that allow social networking but most if not all of these sites aren’t supervised. Parents can only do so much to make sure their child is in a safe online environment and that is why it is so important to get kids use to using sites like Kidzworld. After browsing the site for a while I found a lot of cool things that definitely make this a really cool place for kids to hang, interact and make friends in a safe environment. If you have kids between the ages of 9-14 be sure to check out the KW Zone at
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