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Skater or Athlete

Shaun is that want to be skater boy to scared to jump ramps but for some reason wants to play football. When I think about this is it is baffling to me. Shaun is ok with tackling other kids and being tackled but not ok with jumping a ramp on his skateboard. Shaun is the kind of boy who likes to wear DC skate shoes but can also transform into a sports player and put on a pair of football cleats in a moment’s notice.

From the time Shaun was born I had always hoped he would want to play football like I did when I was younger. I never had the chance to play youth football like he does but I did play football in high school. Over the years we have put Shaun is soccer since football was out of the question until he was old. I can remember him playing outdoor soccer in his Nike soccer shoes looking all cute ready to play. Now that he is older he is ready to ditch soccer to play football and I am ok with this move as long at this is what he wants to do. Football starts in less than 2 and he is ready to go because he asks daily when football starts. I just hope once the season starts he is still as eager to play.

LOL, if not maybe I will have to get him out on that skateboard to hone in his skater boy skills.

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